Blog on Drupal now

Michael Geary | Tue, 2005-10-11 00:18

We’re up and running with a Drupal version of the blog now. This probably means the RSS feeds will have duplicate entries—and that may happen again as I do some touchup editing to make the old entries display correctly. Sorry about that!

One of the deciding factors was the slick GeSHi syntax highlighter, which I tweaked up a bit to do zebra stripes. Those really help keep code readable when lines wrap in a narrow window. Check out the code samples in this page, and try making the window narrow to see the zebra stripes do their thing. (Alas, they only appear when you go to the site, not in the RSS feed.)

The code syntax highlighting works in comments too. I may change the <geshi> tag; that’s a bit of an experiment to get GeSHi and Markdown to work together.

More about the conversion later, time to call it a night!

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