Michael Geary | Sun, 2005-02-20 12:38

There are always bugs, aren’t there? I noticed that my code to remove the right sidebar for admin and editing pages only works if you use clean URLs. I’ll fix it to work with either kind of URL. Also, the footer text seems too big and bold. Anything else I should fix while I’m at it?

Submitted by Visitor on Sun, 2005-02-20 13:51.

  1. Having the footer in the #main column is rather different. I’d move it below if possible.
  2. Since it wasn’t mentioned (that I noticed) it seems that you acidentally removed the bottom round corners from the header menu options.
  3. If you’re going to remove the outer background and such I’d suggest removing the margins altogether. The white border doesn’t look great IMO.
  4. I’m also not a fan of the background-color AND underline on hovered links. I’d go with one or the other.

Submitted by Michael Geary on Sun, 2005-02-20 20:18.

Good point about the footer. There was a display problem with the footer in FriendsElectric, so I tried moving it to the main column. That fixed the problem but it is admittedly a bit odd. Will experiment…

Yep, the missing bottom round corners are a bug. I didn’t even notice them. Thanks for the catch!

On the margins, yes, before I put in the white border, I removed the border entirely. This looked pretty good except on the right edge when there’s a scroll bar. There is a distracting line on that edge. (It looks fine when there’s no scroll bar.) So I tried the white border to see if it helped. I’m taking it back out and will deal with that right edge problem.

Funny you should mention the link hovering thing. What I tried to do at first was the background color with a faint border, like the WordPress theme I use on my blog. That worked great in Firefox, but IE was a problem.

To keep things from jumping around, you need to use the same border size with or without the hover. I tried a transparent border with no hover, but IE doesn’t render this properly: It draws the border in the text color.

On my blog, the workaround is to use a white border in the no-hover case. But that doesn’t work in Drupal where various background colors may be used (as in the event log). The background color by itself didn’t look quite right, so I added the underline. But I think you’re right, that’s overkill.