A silverfish in my keyboard!

Michael Geary | Thu, 2005-06-30 10:53

Oh man, this is gross. I was reading Lambda the Ultimate on my ThinkPad, with my hands resting on the keyboard’s home row as you normally do when scrolling around with the TrackPoint.

I happened to notice a piece of brown dirt between the spacebar and the TrackPoint buttons. Maybe a crumb that fell on the keyboard or something. I was about to get a toothpick to lift it off the keyboard, when the “dirt” started moving!

It was a silverfish, crawling up from inside the keyboard. Who knows where it had been down there and what it had been eating—or leaving behind. I’m just glad I didn’t squish the thing by typing on it.

I got rid of the ’fish real quick by blowing on it—a quick, explosive puff of air from the side that flung it into the air and… Well, I didn’t see where the silverfish landed. At least it wasn’t in my glass of wine.