Internet Explorer below 50%

Michael Geary | Tue, 2004-09-21 12:11

I just saw something amazing in my site stats: Of the browsers that AWStats recognizes (which is most of them), Internet Explorer accounts for fewer than 50% of the visits to in September.It’s been years since I’ve seen this happen on any site.

This doesn’t include RSS feeds, just browser visits.

Last month, the top browsers were:

70.0%  Internet Explorer
13.1%  Firefox
 5.7%  Mozilla
 4.4%  Opera
 3.3%  Safari

This month to date, they are:

49.7%  Internet Explorer
16.4%  Firefox
12.4%  Opera
10.9%  Mozilla
 4.5%  Safari

Of course, time will tell if this is a real trend or just the normal fluctuation of a new site. But still, it was cool to see.

Go team! :-)