The great home computer hoax

Michael Geary | Mon, 2004-09-20 04:44

Rich Manalang posted a hilarious picture yesterday of the home computer of 2004, as envisioned by RAND Corporation scientists 50 years ago.

This futuristic photo includes the control panel from a 60’s era nuclear submarine, along with an LA36 DECwriter II from 1974. Quite a feat for the RAND scientists of 1954.

Robert Scoble is not impressed. He’s unsubscribed from Rich’s feed, because he “can’t trust what goes on his blog anymore.”

I had a similar feeling of outrage the first time I saw Wallace and Gromit in A Grand Day Out. This is the story where Wallace runs out of cheese and builds a rocketship to go to the moon and get some. After all, Wallace says, “everyone knows the moon is made of cheese.”

Well, I found out later that the moon is NOT made of cheese! This just ruined the credibility of the makers of this movie. How dare they try to pull that kind of hoax! Plus, their “actors” didn’t even look real. I promptly decided I’d never watch another Wallace and Gromit movie again.

(But let me know when this one is released, OK?)

Update: I forgot to add a link to Scott Mayo, who posted the image that Rich found.

Submitted by Ludovic Cop (not verified) on Thu, 2004-09-23 05:08.

Modern computer design? Well, not really… In the past few days, I was exposed to this quite striking photo of what claims to be RAND Corporation’s vision of the contemporary computer in 2004, looking back 50 years ago from 1954. Intrigued by the eerie presence of