My Scobelized Bogen

Michael Geary | Sun, 2005-09-11 09:12

Rachel viewing sunspots with my Scobleized Bogen tripod

Before Robert Scoble was a famous blogger, he worked at a great little camera and appliance store in San Jose called LZ Premiums. I used to stop by the store and annoy Robert because I hardly ever bought anything. (I wasn’t checking out the prices and then going off to the competition to buy, honest! Just enjoyed window shopping.)

Finally, one day I ordered a nice Bogen/Manfrotto 3246 tripod with the 3063 mini fluid head. It’s funny how some things stick in your mind: I remember vividly the smile on Robert’s face when I came in to pick up the tripod and he brought it out for me. At last, I had bought something!

I still have the tripod, and it’s served me well all these years. Besides video, it makes a great platform for a binocular mount. In the photo, my daughter Rachel is using it to view that great sunspot cluster that appeared a year ago. (Yes, those are proper solar filters on the binoculars, and it is perfectly safe to look at the sun through them.)

Why am I posting this today? Robert offered to put people’s blogs on the computers at the PDC, so just in case he actually gets a chance to do mine, this is a little tip of the hat. :-)